Apple Releases iOS 14.5 Beta With Support for Face Unlock When Wearing Masks

Apple iOS 14.5 New

A new update iOS 14.5 has come for the iPhone, after which users can use the Face Unlock feature in the device by applying a mask. That is, users no longer need to remove masks to use the Face Unlock feature.

Apple has rolled out iOS 14.5 beta version to facilitate its users. With the help of this update many bugs have been fixed in iPhone. The most important thing is that after the update, iphone users will not need to remove the mask from the face to unlock the face and the phone will be unlocked only by applying the mask.

Apple iOS 14.5 Beta

According to an online report, Apple has released the iOS 14.5 update. After which users will get the facility of face to unlock along with the mask. Along with this, the company has also released 5G support. However, the new update has not been officially announced by the company but it is expected that information will be shared soon.

The report also revealed that only Face Unlock with Masks will be available to users who have Apple Watch. That is, if you have an Apple Watch, then only you will be able to unlock your iPhone by applying a mask. According to the report, after unlocking Apple Watch, users have to look at the iPhone only by applying a mask after which their phone will be unlocked.

Apple iOS 14.5 Beta

As soon as your iPhone is unlocked, there will be a haptic vibration on your smartwatch which indicates that the authentication has been confirmed. According to the report, this feature will not be active as soon as the iOS 14.5 update arrives. Rather, users will have to activate it manually. Notably, earlier in May 2020, Apple also released an update in which Face ID immediately demands a passcode when wearing a mask.

As expected, the feature would be highly useful amid the COVID-19 pandemic as people are advised to wear a mask whenever they are outdoors. However, this feature will only be limited to iPhone X and above as the newer iPhone flagships only carry the Face ID as biometric authentication to scan for facial features to unlock the device. Alongside the new unlocking system, the iOS 14.5 developer beta brings support for Xbox Series S/ X and PlayStation 5 controllers.

The update further carries an updated Fitness app and expanded compatibility for the Apple Fitness Plus workouts. The Cupertino-based tech giant is also expected to unveil the App Tracking Transparency tool that has been criticised by Facebook and several other ad companies.

Users who want to enable the new unlocking feature are required to have an Apple Watch running on watchOS 7.4, which is also currently available under a developer beta release. This means that you won’t be able to get the latest experience if you have a dated Apple Watch that isn’t compatible with recent watchOS versions. It is also important to note that some features that require Face ID, such as approving an App Store purchase, aren’t likely to work with the Apple Watch unlocking for security reasons.

Apple iOS 14.5 Beta

Alongside the new unlocking, iOS 14.5 developer beta brings support for Xbox Series S/ X and PlayStation 5 controllers. The update also carries an updated Fitness app and expanded compatibility for the Apple Fitness+ workouts. Further, you’ll get fully implemented App Tracking Transparency measures that partially debuted on iOS 14 and are being criticised by Google, Facebook, and other big developers that claim it will hurt small businesses.

The iOS 14.5 developer beta also updates Siri with the ability to call emergency services and introduces new interfaces for typing and sending messages using the voice assistant. Apple has also released iPadOS 14.5 with a horizontal boot screen.

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