Apple Foldable iPhone May Launch by 2022: Report

apple iphone logo Apple Foldable iPhone May Launch by 2022: Report

Apple is said to be active in discussions with suppliers from Taiwan – Hon Hai and Nippon Nippon – for the foldable iPhone.

Premium smartphone maker Apple will soon bring its first foldable smartphone. The company is increasingly working on its new foldable smartphone. The company can launch it by September 2022. According to the report, Apple is in talks with Taiwan material suppliers Hon Hai and Nippon Nippon.

Apple Foldable iPhone

Apple starts testing of foldable iPhone

According to the report, Apple’s first smartphone can use OLED or micro LED screen technology. At the same time, the display panel of Apple’s upcoming foldable smartphone will be sourced from Samsung. Apple company is currently testing the screen of the first foldable smartphone.

Taiwan media reports have revealed that Apple is working on its first foldable smartphone. The company can launch this foldable smartphone by the year 2022. The report claimed that Samsung will supply foldable smartphone displays, while Nikko company will be the main supplier. The same Hon Hai will assemble the foldable handset.

Apple Foldable iPhone

Nippon Nippon will also procure bearings for the foldable iPhone, and Apple will heavily rely on the research and development done by the Taiwanese company for the foldable hinge. The phone requires rigorous folding tests, and past foldable phones have been tested for about 1,00,000 times for durability. New Nikko, as mentioned, will mass produce these bearings.

This is not the first time that news has come about Apple’s foldable smartphone. Earlier in February this year, there was news about Apple’s foldable smartphone. Explain that a patent has been filed by Apple regarding the new hinge of the foldable phone. In this patent, a lot of space was visible in the middle of Apple’s hinge. The foldable smartphone segment is quite new. However the Samsung company seems to be standing in the forefront in this direction. About half a dozen foldable smartphones have been launched by Samsung so far.

Apple Foldable iPhone

The foldable phone segment is still very nascent, with Samsung being the first to unveil a commercial foldable phone last year, the Galaxy Fold. This foldable handset saw several hiccups and delays in launches, but the succeeding Galaxy Z Fold 2 launch was much smoother.

Apple, given its reputation, may want to iron out all glitches before launching a foldable iPhone. Therefore, a September 2022 release may not be too far-fetched.

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