Bharti Airtel Launched New International Roaming Packs Bundled With Real-Time Tracking Feature Starting From Rs 799

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The basic travel pack starts at Rs 1,199 that allows 1 GB data, 100 voice minutes of incoming and outgoing calls to India and host country, and unlimited incoming SMS for 30 days.

Telecom operator Bharti Airtel has given relief to its international travelers. The company has improved its international roaming service with many features such as real-time usage tracking and pre-booking of roaming packs. Along with this, three new global packs have also been introduced by the company, in which 1 GB of data is available daily with up to 30 days of validity.

The telecom operator said that international travelers from India were growing at a rapid pace, with a sizable number of them are first time travelers having unique needs from international rs97 prepaid plan revision

With the help of a real-time tracking feature, Airtel users will be able to check the status of their international roaming pack usage on the Airtel Thanks app. This facility will be available to both postpaid and prepaid customers. Also, Airtel prepaid users can now book international roaming packs even 30 days before their travel date. The validity of the plan will start when the customer is connected to an international network. This feature is already available for Airtel postpaid customers.

Airtel International Pack Details

Under the newly launched prepaid global packs, Airtel is currently providing two plans with different tariffs and validity.

Airtel Rs 799 and Rs 1,199 Travel Basics plans

There are two Travel Basics packs available for prepaid Airtel users. The Rs 1,199 Airtel pack offers 1GB of data, 100 mins of incoming/outgoing calls to India or other host countries, and also includes 100 SMS. This pack is valid for a duration of 30 days. Then there’s the Rs 799 pack, which does not include any data but does offer 100 mins of incoming/outgoing calls to India, and unlimited incoming SMS. This plan also has a validity period of 30 days.

Airtel International Pack of Rs 4,999

On the premium pack offering from the telecom operator to the Travel Unlimited plan for both postpaid and prepaid users, which is priced at Rs 4,999. This plan is meant for users who want access to data at all times. It offers 1GB data per day, unlimited incoming calls, and 500 mins of outgoing calls. The pack also includes unlimited incoming SMS. However, the validity of this plan is only 10 days, which makes it a pretty expensive roaming plan.

Apart from this, the telco has also revamped a number of its services for the frequent and even first-time travelers to another country. One major highlight is Airtel’s revised services to protect data charges where the company assures that no unwanted charges will be levied on the customers due to over-usage once the international roaming pack has been exhausted. In addition to that, the customers can now track their international roaming pack usage in real-time via the Airtel Thanks app, they can enable or disable their IR service with just one click through the app for complete control of spends, and even pre-book IR packs and use them later.

The approach towards transparency and ease of use is something that users will appreciate, given the potential for excessive charges and problems when using international roaming.

“In the past few quarters, we worked on some of the biggest customer needs and pain-points around international travel and developed these innovative features,” Shashwat Sharma, Chief Marketing & Brand Officer at Bharti Airtel said.

To ensure seamless access to these features, Sharma said that simple and intuitive journeys are available on Airtel Thanks app, which put complete control and power in the hands of the customers. “Once the IR pack benefits are exhausted by the customer, data services would be barred to protect against any unwanted charges due to over-usage,” the company added.

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