Facebook Messenger Rooms Video Calling App is Much Better Than Zoom

Facebook Messenger Rooms 1

Facebook has launched the new service Messenger Rooms to challenge the Zoom video calling app which is better than Zoom in many ways.

Social media platform Facebook has launched the video conferencing app Messenger Rooms for its users in the past. Through this app, users will be able to follow social distancing due to coronavirus. The platform has been launched by the company to challenge the increasingly popular Zoom app. Many controversies have come to the fore regarding the Zoom app, ranging from leaking of personal information of users to enhanced video access. This app was declared unsafe last week by the Ministry of Home Affairs and also issued advisory for its use. Facebook Messenger Rooms can challenge the popular Zoom video conferencing platform these days. Let’s know what those reasons are.Facebook Messenger Rooms

Cost and time limit

Both apps are available in the free version. Two types of premium subscriptions are also available for Zoom. At the same time, Facebook Messenger Rooms is completely free of cost. In this, you will be able to connect with people without any time limit. In the free version of the Zoom app, you will get a time limit of 40 minutes. If you want to stay connected for a long time, then you have to take a subscription for this.

Participant limit

The special thing about Facebook Messenger Rooms is that in this you can connect with 50 people simultaneously. Through this app, you will also be able to connect with people who do not have a Facebook account. At the same time, in Zoom ‘s basic personal meeting plan, you will be able to connect with 100 people simultaneously. At the same time, premium users will be able to connect with 500 people simultaneously.

Meeting sharing

Connecting with people through Facebook Messenger Rooms is quite easy. You can share the invoice of its messenger room through any news feed, group, or event. It has such a provision in the default privacy settings that you will be able to create rooms according to it. At the same time, a unique meeting ID has to be created to connect to every meeting of the Zoom app.Facebook Messenger Rooms

Meeting lock

Both of these apps have provision to lock meeting. That is, if you do not want any unwanted guests not to enter your meeting, then you can lock it after the meeting starts. After locking the meeting, no unwanted users will be able to enter your meeting. A meeting ID and password is required to join a meeting in the Zoom app. After the meeting is locked, users will not be able to enter the meeting despite having a meeting ID and password.

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