Facebook Messenger Gets Screen Sharing on Android, iOS

Facebook Messenger feature

Facebook has added yet another new feature to Messenger in its quest to make the app the Zoom for most people – so to speak. We’re talking, of course, about screen sharing.

Social media platform Facebook has announced the expansion of the Messenger app. Under this, the screen sharing option will now be given in Messenger. This option will be for both Android and iOS users. However, this option of screen sharing will be restricted to the web version. On the Messenger app too, users will be able to share their screen during video calling. The screen sharing option will be for one on one video calling. Also, we will be able to use it in group video calling. With the help of these features, users will be able to share screens for many things like photo galleries, online shopping, and social media. Explain that the demand for video calling has increased due to the lockdown, due to which the screen share option has been given on Messenger.

Facebook Messenger Screen-Sharing

How to Share Screen

The user has to open the Messenger app and start a video call. After this, the bottom tab of the screen will have to be drawn, where the Share your screen option will appear. After selecting the Share Your screen option, the user’s phone screen will be visible to other people.

Android and iOS-based Messenger Rooms support the screen share option for up to 16 people video calling. Facebook launched Messenger Room as a new video calling feature, similar to video conferencing apps Zoom and Skype. It supports video calling of 50 people at a time. Video calling can also be added from the Facebook account. Facebook wants to increase the screen sharing limit of Messenger Room from 16 people to 50 people. Also, who can share the screen, the creator can also provide an option to control it. The creator can limit the option of screen share to itself or share it with the rest of the group.

Facebook Messenger Screen-Sharing

Facebook also announced plans to expand the number of people with whom you can share your screen to 50 people. The social media giant is also planning on adding some control features soon that would let the Rooms creators decide whether to limit the ability to share screen to themselves or allow all participants to do the same.

Earlier in July, Facebook was reportedly working on integrating the Messenger with WhatsApp. When this new feature rolls out, the two online chat apps will be able to communicate with each other. However, it isn’t clear yet on how Facebook plans to maintain data encryption and user security when the integration takes off.

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