FAU-G Ratings are Dropping Drastically on Google Play Store, Who’s to Blame?


FAU-G mobile game, which was launched amid huge expectations in India on January 26 is slowly losing its popularity and rating on Google Play Store.

The FAU-G game was launched with much fanfare. It was expected that the game would come with PUBG or better features and gaming mode. But after the launch of the game, users are looking disappointed. The ratings have been declining on the Google Play Store since the game’s launch. The current rating of the game has dropped to 3, which was 4.7 at the time of the game’s launch. Interesting stories have been seen during the rating of the game. Where half the users have rated the game a 5 out of 5. At the same time, about half of the users have rated 1 out of 5.

FAU-G Game

Actor Akshay Kumar promoting the FAU-G game

The FAU-G game was promoted by actor Akshay Kumar. This is at a time when Akshay Kumar is on target of some organizations regarding the farmer movement. Please tell that the game was launched on Republic Day on 26 January 2021 this year. The game was being promoted as a native pub. The game was created by Bangalore based company nCore Games.

FAU-G Game

Reason for the decline in ratings

The FAU-G game is only available on the Google Play Store. According to the company’s claim, the iOS version of the game will soon arrive. According to the review available on Google Play Store, the FAU-G game only has a campaign mode, due to which users are annoyed. Also, users complain that only the hand to hand fight option has been given in the game, not the gun.

Apart from this, the game has nominal controls. The game does not have basic control like sit and jump option. Meaning tap on the screen and play. Also, some users are complaining about the game lag. Although the game’s graphics are being praised.

FAU-G Game

Even though the rating of FAU-G is dropping dramatically on Google Playstore, Bengaluru-based nCore Games which developed the game strongly is hopeful that the game will retain momentum in Google Playstore in the coming days.

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