FAU-G Teaser Released, Expected Release on November: First Look

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The teaser of FAU-G Games was also released by tweeting from Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. If we talk about the teaser video, then some graphics of some soldiers are shown in it. But with which weapons will the war be fought. At present, no information has been given about this.

The teaser video of FAUG Games has been released on the occasion of Dussehra. Notably, the FAU-G game was announced only after the PUBG ban in India. FAC-G game maker nCore Games has announced that the FAUG Games game will be launched in India in November this year. However, on which date the games will be launched in November.

FAU-G Teaser

The teaser depicts a scene of conflict on hilly terrain, which will presumably present a scene of armed conflict against enemy forces that players will take on in the game’s missions. In earlier reports, Vishal Gondal, the founder and chief of nCore Games, the developer of FAU-G, was quoted as stating that FAU-G’s gameplay will not come with a battle royale mode upon release. Instead, the gameplay will be based on India’s recent armed conflict against China at the Galwan Valley border. The teaser is presumably depicting these very scenes.

FAU-G is slated to release soon. After an initial release deadline of October 2020, the latest reports suggest that FAU-G will be released within the coming weeks, in November 2020. Given how the game’s teaser looks like, it remains to be seen if FAU-G brings the same competitive online player ecosystem the way PUBG Mobile did, or is purely designed as a level-based, individual driven shooter game. More details should be released soon, especially with the initial cinematic teaser being out now.

FAU-G Teaser

A tweet from the official Twitter handle of nCore Games has been tweeted on Sunday, stating that good always conquers evil, light always conquers darkness. In such a situation, congratulate the Fearless and United Guards for the victory. Vishal Gondal, the co-founder of Indian game developer company nCore Games, claimed that the game would compete with other international games such as PUBG.

A tweet from Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar also released the teaser of FAUG Games and informed about the games. If we talk about the teaser video, then some graphics of some soldiers are shown in it. But with which weapons will the war be fought. At present, no information has been given about this. The graphics of the teaser video also did not look special. But the games are still in the developing stage. In such a situation, there may be some improvement in the matter of graphics in the coming days.

Based game on anti chine sentiment

The FAUG game can be called anti-China based. Right now the same thing is being revealed from the initial teaser video. The game was also announced at a time when the Anti China Sentiment was based on the Galvan Valley incident in India. The teaser video also features the Galavan Valley prominently. It is expected that the first episode of FAUG Games will be based on the Galwan Valley incident, where Indian soldiers will perform their valor.

FAU-G Teaser

PUBG Mobile Banned in India

PUBG Mobile was banned in light of online security concerns that it represented in lieu of its ties with its Chinese publisher, Tencent Gaming. To resolve its issues, PUBG Mobile India has since announced that it has severed ties with Tencent in India, but it still remains to be seen if that would be enough to bring the game back to the Indian cyberspace, despite isolated reports. FAU-G’s makers, on this note, have so far underlined that the game will not aim to replicate what PUBG already offered, but instead come with an original storyline.

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