FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode early access now available

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FAUG Team Deathmatch Beta Mode has been launched. This mod can be downloaded on Google Play Store. In this, users will get a new map and new weapons.

Game maker company nCore has finally launched the Team Deathmatch beta mode of the FAUG game after a long time. This mod can be downloaded from Google Play Store. This information has been received from the company’s official Twitter account. Let us tell you that this game was launched on Republic Day this year as an alternative to PUBG.

FAUG Team Deathmatch Beta Mode

According to the company, the Team Deathmatch beta mode of the FAUG game is a multiplayer mode. In this mode, you will get the market map with new weapons. In this, you can team up with online players or your friends and play with other players in 5v5 battles. At the same time, this mod can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Click Here).

FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode

FAUG Team Deathmatch mode brings new weapons and a new map

FAUG Team Deathmatch mode will introduce guns and other new weapons for the first time. There will also be a new Team Deathmatch map, called Bazaar, which is a suburban environment. The map has “ample cover and vantage points to take that defining shot and cement your victory,” the description reads on Google Play Store.

FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode

FAUG Team Deathmatch mode has been expected for a while now. The game was launched a few months ago with just the Campaign mode available. The Campaign mode only allowed players to use melee weapons to fight the enemy. Team Deathmatch finally opens multiplayer and introduces guns, bombs, and more weapons. The Team Deathmatch mode release comes around the same time Krafton released Battlegrounds Mobile India early access. With the PUBG Mobile rebrand threatening to take away FAUG’s userbase, nCORE Games may have just bought itself some more time. However, the success of Team Deathmatch mode will depend on just how well it performs in terms of graphics, gameplay, and excitement.

FAUG game launch

As an alternative to PUBG, the game was launched on 26 January 2021. Talking about the game, it is available on Google Play Store. Its size is 460MB. This game supports the Android 8 and above version. The theme of the war of Galvan Valley has been given in this game. In this, the campaign mode is active for users.

Battleground Mobile India game will get tough competition

The Team Deathmatch beta mode of the FAUG game will get tough competition from the recently launched Battlegrounds Mobile India game. Battlegrounds Mobile India game is available on Google Play Store. This game is absolutely free for the players. Players will get squad-based and one-on-one game modes in it. Apart from this, maps and weapons like PUBG have been given in the game.

FAUG Team Deathmatch Mode

In the year 2020, the central government banned the use of 117 other Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile in India. It was alleged that due to PUBG Mobile, the security and integrity of the country is being damaged. After this, several attempts were made by PUBG Mobile to make a comeback, but when the ban on the game was not lifted after all the efforts, PUBG Corporation announced to break its partnership with the Chinese company Tencent.

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