Free Netflix Subscription for 83 Years: Know How to Get it

Free Netflix Subscription

The Netflix immortal account game is available now and will be active until July 19. Here’s how to get free 83 years of Free Netflix Subscription.

Video streaming platform Netflix has pulled out a great offer, under which Netflix can get a free subscription for 83 years. In other words, 83 Years or 996 months of a free subscription is offered by Netflix. The user does not have to pay any additional charge for this. However, to avail of this offer, the user has to fulfill the condition of the company.

Free Netflix Subscription

How to get free subscription

To get 83 years of free Netflix subscription offer, the user has to play The Old Guard video game and score the highest in that game. In simple words, you have to be invincible, defeating all the enemies of the game which is available on,

What is The Old Guard Game

The Old Guard Game is browser-based and exactly like the film, which will have to play like a Labrys-wielding immortal, and beat the hordes of enemies. In this game, users have to play the lead role. It involves using a huge, double-bladed ax to kill enemies. In this game even if you are killed, you will not be out of the game directly. Simply, your speed will slow down. In such a situation you will have to kill the enemies quickly, and also have to protect yourself. Actually the Charlize Theron film The Old Guard has been released on Netflix only last week. In such a situation, on the occasion of the celebration of Netflix Original Movie from Netflix, the company has offered an “Immortal” Netflix Account.

Who will be able to get free Netflix subscription

This Netflix offer is only for US Netflix users. In such a situation, users of any other country including India will not be able to take advantage of 83 years of free Netflix subscription.

Netflix’s Large Subscriber Base

Globally, Netflix has a userbase. Netflix has added about 10 million new subscribers from April to June. However, Netflix has received fewer subscribers in the second quarter than in the first quarter (January to March). According to the report, the number of new paid subscribers of Netflix is ​​expected to reach 2.5 million worldwide by September.

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