Google Drive Will Now Delete Trash Files in 30 Days

Google Drive

Google‘s data storage app uses Google Drive mostly by users. It is not only used for saving personal data but also for official tasks. Now a new change will be seen in Google Drive soon. Google Drive is coming soon with an update, after which just like Gmail, the Trash Five in Drive will only be saved for 30 days. This file will be automatically deleted after 30 days. This update will begin on October 13.

Google Drive

The company has shared the information about the new update in Google Drive through its official blog post. In which it has been told that the company is coming with a new update from October 13. After the update, from October 13, the data of the trash file will be saved for only 30 days. Trash files will be automatically deleted after 30 days. Explain that till now the trash file is saved forever until the users delete it themselves.

Gmail’s new logo is very likely to incorporate the four colors – blue, red, yellow, and green as it did in the recent redesigns of Google Maps and Google Photos logos.

“People tell us they feel overloaded with too much information and too many tasks across too many different tools. Instead of learning another tool, we need the tools we already use to be even more helpful, and work together, in an integrated, intuitive way,” G Suite head Javier Soltero had said when new features were added to Gmail in July.

The company has also informed that from 13 October 2020, the retention policy has been seen not only in Google Drive but also in G Suite and Gmail. After this update, users will be able to delete only those files. Whom he wants to delete. Google will show the banner associated with the new policy to make its users aware. In which the information related to the update will be given.

Google Drive

Notably, this change in policy is similar to the policy of G Suite and Gmail. The new policy will help users of the G Suite product to ensure that items trashed by users have actually been deleted. Trash data can be restored within 25 days, otherwise it will be automatically deleted after 30 days.

In other news, OnePlus has brought One Plus Messages app, the default messaging app for One Plus users to the Google Play Store. The app will work on One Plus smartphones only. Even though users with other phones cannot install this app, they will get faster updates through it, as per reports. The benefit for OnePlus users is that they will not have to wait for OxygenOS updates to use the updated One Plus Messaging apps.

The One Plus Messages app will have the ability to one-tap copy one-time passwords, financial transactions, and even promotions within the chat overview panel. The app aims to declutter SMS information. There is a new card format for messages with ticketing or bank transaction information, Android Central noted. The One Plus Messages App is not available for all users. It could roll out in the coming weeks with OnePlus 8T.

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