Govt to form Centre of Excellence in gaming in collaboration with IIT Bombay

Centre of Excellence

The Central Government will create a Centre of Excellence for Gaming with the help of IIT Bombay where courses like Gaming Animation will be started. This gaming course can be started from this year. The government believes that this move will help in making games related to Indian culture.

Centre of Excellence in Gaming: The government has decided to form a Centre of Excellence in gaming and other related areas in collaboration with IIT Bombay. Addressing the opening ceremony of the virtual exhibition and prize announcement of Khel Khel Mein through video conference yesterday, Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar said, IIT will start the courses from this year itself.

Govt to form Centre of Excellence in gaming

India will build a gaming center

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Javadekar said that the government will build a Centre of Excellence center in India, which can be implemented soon, which will benefit the Indian culture. Made in India mobile gaming app is promoted by PM Modi. However, all the online games are promoting violence and other bad habits in children and young people. It is dangerous for the country and society. By stopping these, the country can be pushed forward in a positive direction.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is passionate about preserving and perpetuating Indian values, heritage, and cultural ethos, and is putting in the immense effort so that the children and youth of our country are made aware of our rich culture and tradition. We can also introduce those values via modern technology and put it to optimum use,” said the minister.

Govt to form Centre of Excellence in gaming

He highlighted that many games played on mobile and other gadgets are “violent, explicit, addictive, and tend to create a complex in the mind of children”, adding that PUBG was just one example of it, but criticizing those games is not the solution.

“The solution is to create our own games and apps in line with #MakeInIndia for the world so that these are adopted the world over for their basic values that are an integral part of our Indian ethos. This effort by the Modi government will fructify and lead the nation into creating new games that promote our Indian cultural ethos,” he added.

Preparation for new PUBG game launch

Govt to form Centre of Excellence in gaming

Explain that last year, about 100 gaming apps were banned by the central government. It also included the PUBG Mobile game. PUBG Mobile was accused of harming India’s unity, integrity, and sovereignty. PUBG Mobile is preparing to bring a mobile gaming app for a particular India. The Chinese Tencent company will not have a stake in it. The global version of PUBG Mobile 2 can be launched. The same PUBG game is in preparation for launching in India as well.

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