Huawei Celia An Intelligent Virtual Agent Can Challenge Alexa in India

huawei hey celia

Huawei Celia is an in-house product that will work just like Alexa. It means you will be able to ask for the things you need by speaking as well as you can do more work.

Huawei has introduced its new Intelligent Virtual Agent Celia in India, where it will compete with the already existing Alexa and Google Assistant in India. This is Huawei’s in-house product, which will function like Alexa. Meaning that you will be able to ask for the things you need by speaking as well as you can do more work. This feature is available as an integrated part of the company’s service app SUPPORT as well as on the website and is ready to help Indian users anywhere and anytime.

Huawei Celia

The AI-powered virtual assistant responds by saying “Hey Celia” and has the ability to answer every field’s questions and consumer questions. This smart assistant is available 24*7 and provides a solution from chat to a human agent without any delay in processing new information requests. Celia asks you to buy a new phone, this is the ability to find out the warranty issue, the device issue and meet all the necessary conditions before sending the device for repair.

Huawei Celia

According to Huawei, the Celia comes with a multi-function interface, multi-round operation, and various answering styles, making it easy to explain. Answers are displayed as text, links, collections, pictures as well as gif and jpg. Celia provides precise answers, which can be based on all standards and specifications, and transfer chat from online to human agent upon request.

Hotbed Competition in India

Huawei spokesperson said that we constantly strive to provide the latest technology to our consumers. Through Celia, we want to do value addition and provide convenience through solving personal questions. It empowers users for the control function with the help of an intelligent assistant. Huawei will continue to introduce AI products to further enrich the consumer experience. The shift in use for Celia in India is interesting as it is unrelated to any specific device and is more of a voice-enabled IT chatbot. Whether Huawei plans to add smartphones with Celia to India’s markets in the near future isn’t clear. The competition may be tough to overcome.

Huawei Celia

India has become a hotbed of competing voice AIs, with Google Assistant and Alexa facing off against each other and domestic creations, plus arrangements like Flipkart, the Indian e-commerce company acquired by Walmart, setting up its own voice assistant for its platform. The fact that the Huawei AppGallery that Celia accesses on the P40 phones lacks most of the apps available in the Google Play store may make it a losing proposition, hence the decision to use Celia’s AI in a more limited, but still useful fashion.

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