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Multi TV Policy of D2h, Dish TV and Tata Sky, Which One is Better?

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In the Multi TV space, Tata Sky is lagging behind the competition, especially operators like D2h and Dish TV are charging just Rs 50 NCF charges

Dish TV India is the leading DTH operator in the country- both in terms of subscriber base and revenue. A couple of years back, Dish TV merged with Videocon D2h, and now, both the operators work under one brand Dish TV. One of the important aspects for subscribers while choosing a new DTH connection is Multi TV policy.

Back in June this year, Tata Sky entirely removed Multi TV policy and introduced something called the Tata Sky Room TV service. While the popular DTH operator added new features with the Room TV service, it, however, is asking the users to pay full NCF charges for every secondary connection. On the flip side, Dish TV and D2h are charging flat Rs 50 NCF charges for the secondary connection. Read on to know more details about the Multi TV policies of D2h, Dish TV and Tata Sky.D2H

D2h and Dish TV Multi TV Policy Detailed

As mentioned, Dish TV and D2h operate under one brand right now, even though the names of the operators are still different. The Multi TV policy of both the operators is also quite identical. D2h and Dish TV are charging Rs 50 (excluding taxes) Network Capacity Fee (NCF) for every secondary connection. Furthermore, it also allows users to choose channel packs or individual channels of their own on the second connection.

Alternatively, subscribers will also have the option to just mirror the channels of primary connection on the second one. “Subscribers will have the option to take any channel/bouquets available on the platform. Subscribers will be offered to mirror channels (same channels as that of the parent connection) however the subscriber will have the option to take any channel/bouquet he wants,” says D2h.

Dish TV India is also charging Rs 50 NCF charges on secondary connections and it’s also providing customers with the option of choosing different channel packs compared to the primary connection.

Tata Sky Multi TV Policy Detailed

Tata Sky is the most preferred DTH operator right now in the industry, especially after the new tariff regime came into place. However, for Multi TV users, Tata Sky should not be a choice as it charges Rs 153 NCF for every secondary connection. On the brighter side, Tata Sky is now allowing users to select their own channel packs on the secondary connection alongside mirroring the primary connection channels. Earlier, it wasn’t the case as Tata Sky customers were forced to just mirror channels of the primary connection.

So if you choose a single a-la-carte channel priced at Rs 19 on the secondary connection, then you’ll have to pay Rs 153 NCF+Rs 19 as the final amount, which honestly isn’t a great move from the company.

D2h, Dish TV vs Tata Sky: Whose Multi TV Policy is Better?

Clearly, in the Multi TV space, Tata Sky is lagging behind the competition, especially operators like D2h and Dish TV are charging just Rs 50 NCF charges. Trai is now preparing to make some changes to the tariff regime which rolled out earlier this year and we might see some changes to the Multi TV policy as well once the changes become effective. For now, Dish TV and D2h are good options for users looking for the best DTH operator with Multi TV policy.

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