Paytm Launches Mini App Store With Over 300 Service Providers in India

Paytm Mini App Store

Paytm Mini App Store Google will get a direct competition with the launch of Paytm’s App Store. The company claims that more than 300 apps like Decathlon Ola Rapido Dominos Pizza are going to join the Paytm App Store.

Digital payment platform firm Paytm has launched the indigenous Mini App Store following a dispute with Google. The launch of Paytm’s App Store will give direct competition to Google’s Play store. The company claims that more than 300 apps like Decathlon, Ola, Rapido, Dominos Pizza are going to join Paytm App Store.

Paytm Mini App Store

According to Paytm’s press release, the Mini App store has been designed to help small developers and businesses in India to set up low-cost and easy-to-build apps using HTML and Javascript. These apps open within a window inside the Paytm app itself, and the listings will also be free, Paytm said.

Paytm will also provide developers with free payment avenues including Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank, and UPI. However, it should be noted that a two percent extra charge is levied for payments using credit cards. For developers, Paytm has also provided a dashboard for analytics, payment collection, and various marketing tools to better engage with users.

Paytm said that the Mini App Store has been in its beta testing phase with select users in the country for some time and has seen over 12 million visits in the month of September. It has already been populated with a handful of apps such as AQI Monitor, EMI Calculator, MojoPizza, Horoscope, Speedtest, and Unit Converter. Paytm said that over 300 app-based service providers have already joined the programme, including the likes of Decathlon, Domino’s Pizza, FreshMenu, Netmeds, NoBroker, Ola, and more. These apps are expected to make their way to the Mini App Store soon.

Paytm Mini App Store

To access the Mini App Store, open your Paytm app. On the home page, click on Show More > Mini App Store from the pop-up menu. The portal allows direct access to users to explore, use, and make payments through the apps, without any additional downloads or installs.

Google Tightened App Store Rules

The dispute between Paytm and Google increased when the payment app Paytm was temporarily banned from the Google Play Store. On September 18, Google accused the Paytm app of violating Google Play Store rules and promoting activities like betting and gambling. After Paytm, Google had sent a notice to food aggregator platforms Swiggy and Zomato on a similar charge. However, now all three apps have returned to the Google Play Store.

Indian app developers felt the need for the Desi Play Store after a dispute with Google. In such a situation, the Mini App Store has been launched by Paytm. According to Paytm, the Indian app developer will benefit from the indigenous Mini App Store. Simply put, the Indian app developer in the Paytm App Store will not have to pay 30 per cent commission. Also, easy purchase guidelines can be availed.

Paytm Mini App Store

Google Announced a Change in App Purchase Guidelines

Explain that the tech company Google Play Store has announced a change in the guidelines related to the app purchase. After these changes, developers will have to pay 30 percent commission to the company on the purchase of any app. Along with this, Google’s billing service will have to be used to download most apps and buy subscriptions. Developers have to pay a 30 percent commission to the company on the purchase of the app. App developers may have to use the Google billing payment system from September 2021. This means that app developers may have to pay 30 percent of their earnings to the Google Play Store.

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