PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode Rolling Out Today, New Maps, Machines And Drones Are Available

pubg mobile cold mode

The new game mode is going to roll out for PUBG Mobile players from today i.e. 16th April. It can be played from tomorrow under the name of Arctic Mode or Cold Front Survival Mode.

The new Arctic mode for PUBG Mobile will roll out from 16 April i.e. on today. This new mode was teased in the name of Cold Survival mode. Popular mobile game PUBG Mobile constantly rolls out new modes, new maps and seasons for its players, due to which new players, as well as old players, also get new gaming experience.

For the last few weeks, not only India, people all over the world are sitting in their homes because of the coronavirus epidemic. Due to the lockdown people have started playing games for their entertainment. At such a time, it is a better chance for PUBG Mobile players that there will be a chance to play a new mode in lockdown.PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

With this new mode of PUBG Mobile, a new map and many new ones can also be found. The company has also teased some features on the official social media platforms in the last few days about the new mode of this game. In this mode players have to play the game in a snowy environment. Also, drones etc. have also been teased in it. Players will also get a Vikendi map with a new game mode. However, players will have to update their PUBG Mobile game for this. For this, they can go to Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store.

PUBG Mobile will get this new Arctic mode players in the game mode section inside EvoGround. Players who play the new mode are required to have the correct body temperature. In the new mode, only the body temperature of the players will be necessary for survival and health in the game. Points will also be given to players based on body temperature.PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

In the new mode, players will have to follow some guidelines to maintain body temperature. According to these guidelines, players have to light indoor fires using lighters. Apart from this, the fire has to be maintained using tree branches so that there is no problem in the temperature of the body. Players will have to hunt chicken along with the fire. After this, the meat will have to be collected and cooked to eat so that the body temperature remains. However, players will be able to use heaters and health packs for other processes from the fire.

To keep warm and win, players can maintain their body temperature by performing the following tasks:

  • Start an indoor fire using a lighter and then feeding the fire tree branches to keep going.
  • Hunting for chickens to cook and eat.
  • Finding and using resources like a heater or health packs.

This new mode is also bringing two highly teased features to the game. First is a snowboard that will help players get around the snowy terrain. Second is the availability of drones, which will allow people to scout the battlefield for opponents in a similar fashion to Call of Duty Mobile.

The new Arctic Mode will be played on the Vikendi map, as it is the only snow map available in PUBG Mobile now. There will be multiple arctic storms coming your way during gameplay so keep a check at the timer and when it is nearing the end ensure you are well protected and placed inside a shelter.

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