PUBG Mobile Cold Survival Mode Releasing On April 16, Know What is Special

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PUBG Mobile has shared information about this new Cold Survival mode from its official Twitter handle. The new mode will be based on the snowy Vikendi map.

Users playing the popular mobile game PUBG Mobile will get a new mode from April 16. PUBG Mobile has shared information about this new Cold Survival mode from its official Twitter handle. In the information shared on its official social media handle, it is also being learned that players will also get a new map in this new model. However, according to some players, PUBG Mobile’s popular Erangel map itself requires players to play games in an icy environment. This is the reason why this new model is being called Cold Survival Mode.PUBG Mobile Cold Survival

PUBG Mobile has been hinting at this new mode since the beginning of this year. However, even with today’s teaser, official details regarding it are close to none. From what we can gather, drones might be introduced in the game although we don’t know how exactly they will be used. CoD Mobile has introduced drones as a scorestreak and they’re used for killing players in the multiplayer mode.

The new Cold Survival Mode players will be able to play from 16 April. However, nothing has been mentioned about this mode in the information shared on the social media platform. The snowy atmosphere can be seen in the teaser poster. In this, users can also get an icy Vikendi map. In this tease poster, one player is holding the hand of another player. This suggests that it may be a comrade in Badal mode. PUBG Mobile has written in this new mode teaser, “Things are getting a bit … chilly here.” In another tweet, the game also teases drones with an icy atmosphere.

PUBG Mobile’s new Cold Front Survival Mode can be similar to the rival battle game Call of Duty: Mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile also has features like drone surveillance. This mode will take place in the Vikendi map where players in a squad of four will be left to fend for themselves. Not only will they have to watch out for enemies, but the game will throw a deadly coldwave that will keep depreciating the life of the players.

Players may have to hunt for wood in order to light a fire, which will prevent players from dying in the coldwave storm. Speculations suggest that players may also need to fight animals, but that seems far fetched given that the game does not have animals in any mode so far.

The Cold Front Survival mode will also bring drones to the game for the first time. An official teaser from the team teased a surveillance drone scanning the area. This post was later pulled out but that’s enough to suggest that PUBG MOBILE will finally be getting a drone to scan the area.

Drones have been present previously in Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG MOBILE has been drawing a lot from this game ever since it arrived on the gaming arena. It remains to be seen whether the drone in PUBG MOBILE will be limited to one player in the team similar to COD Mobile, or whether it will be available to everyone in the form of weapons.

Recently, the next season 13 of PUBG Mobile has also been teased. This new season can be rolled out under the name Toy Playground. Players may get to see Power Rangers in the new season 13. The new season of PUBG Mobile can be based on the Toy theme. However, the developers have not yet shared further details about this new season.

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