PUBG Mobile Lite 0.17.0 Beta Rollout, New Features Including Payload Mode

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The 0.17.0 beta update has been rolled out for PUBG Mobile Lite users. Players will get to play the new Payload mode with this update.

The 0.17.0 beta update has been rolled out for PUBG Mobile Lite users. With this beta update, players will get to play Must Awake Payload Mode. Also, some new features will be added to the game. In the new Payload mode, PUBG Mobile Lite users will be able to use helicopters and rocket launchers, etc. within the players game. Apart from this, the new Falcon Companion will also be able to access players with the new beta update. In which sparrows do not function inside the game. It follows the player’s in-game avatar and sits on the player’s shoulder. Some characters have been added to this companion.PUBG Mobile Lite

As mentioned above, the most noticeable change that lands with the new update are the all-new Payload mode. The feature is also available on the beta version of the regular PUBG Mobile game. It basically brings helicopters and rocket launchers in the game to make things more exciting for the players. In some ways, this also bumps up the difficulty level of the game.

Some of the game’s bugs have also been fixed and the game-play has been improved with the new beta update. The developers have not yet made any announcement for when the final update of 0.17.0 will roll out. Currently, only beta users will be able to access this new update. Other users may have to wait longer for 0.17.0.PUBG Mobile Lite

Apart from that, the beta update brings bug fixes and improvements around the game. The developers have not yet revealed when the final version of PUBG Mobile Lite 0.17.0 will be made available to the masses. However, as the beta version has already started to roll out, we can expect the final build to roll out in the coming weeks.

The new Cherry Blossom with the previous 0.16.0 stable update for PUBG Mobile Lite is found in the new Verenga map. In this, players get a chance to see picnic bassets under the tree. Flair guns or festive paint grenades are available in this picnic basset. Arctic Cold Survival mode has been rolled out for PUBG Mobile users recently. In this mode, players get a chance to play in the new Vikendi map. Also, in this mode, the players have to proceed game-play by staying in the icy environment. PUBG Mobile’s Cold Front Survival Mode can be similar to the rival battle game Call of Duty: Mobile. Call of Duty: Mobile also has features like drone surveillance.

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