PUBG Mobile: Some Useful Tips and Tricks For Playing Amusement Park

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Second Anniversary Update 0.17.0 has been rolled out last month. With this update, players are getting a chance to play the Amusement park game.

PUBG Mobile India has emerged as a popular mobile game not only in the world. The second-anniversary update of this mobile game launched in 2018 has been rolled out 0.17.0 last month. With this new update, players are getting to play the Amusement Park game mode. Players are getting a lot of new in this new game mode which has not been seen in any of the previous seasons. Amusement Park is divided into three gaming zones inside the Erangel map. Gaming will be able to access Jones from the players’ farm and the central location near Mansion.PUBG Mobile

In this latest edition of the game, the players will not get the maximum players to use the land of Pochinki as before. In Amusement Park, gamers will get to see many changes, including options like Quick Gaming. Today we are going to tell you some tips and tricks which can be played by keeping this Amusement Park game mode in mind.

Keep the cover in mind before entering the game: In a battle game like PUBG, no player has any barrier to shorts. A better strategy can be to find a cover as soon as you enter the game and crawl into the gaming zone. There are many trees surrounding the Amusement Park, these can be used to cover so that the players in front do not notice you. Before going in any direction, keep in mind that crawling there and using as many covers as possible. In this new game mode, the players are busy fighting each other, in such a situation, you can collect the Weapon and attack the anime by hiding behind the tree.

Teamwork: In multiplayer battle games like PUBG Mobile, teamwork is a must. As a member of the team, it is your duty to win the reward by sharing the strategy by teaming up with the team. If two players of the team have to collect rewards and tokens, then two players can hide and monitor the anime. By doing this you can win more and more rewards.

Use the drop tower to escape: When you feel that you are running out of weapons and cannot find a way, then turn to the drop tower and create a strategy to exit. As you approach the tower, you can escape by taking a ride.

Clear the ground: PUBG Mobile Amusement Park is an action-packed game mode that looks quite fancy but difficult to play. While playing the game, first of all, keep an eye on your anime and try to clear the ground by eliminating the anime around you. In this game mode, as many tokens can be selected, which allows more gameplay.

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