PUBG New State Gameplay Announced With Android, iOS Pre-Registration

PUBG New State

The PUBG New State game will be available for Android phones. The new PUBG game will support Android 6.0 and higher versions of Android Mobile. Ultra-realistic graphics and dynamic gunplay will be given in the PUBG New State unlike the information received from Google Play Store.

PUBG New State will be the sequel to the smash-hit battle royale game PUBG Mobile. The new game is set in 2051 where you see a lot of drones hovering over buildings and landscapes on the map, dynamic gunplay, massive 8x8km open worlds with combat rolls, and enhanced graphics. The game has now been listed on Google Play Store by Krafton along with a lengthy release note that introduces the game. PUBG: New State is the official name for PUBG Mobile 2, the launch of which was leaked a few days back. The listing for Android phones is available with pre-registration while it is expected to be listed on the iPhone App Store soon.

PUBG New State Game will be available for Android phone

As per the official website, PUBG New State is up for pre-registration on Google Play but there seems to be no option to do so just yet on the Indian store. The game will also be available for pre-order via the App Store but that’s coming soon. The website states a permanent limited vehicle skin will be awarded to those who pre-order the game. Besides the new website and Google Play listing, the developers have also shared a trailer that shows some of the gameplay and mechanics of PUBG New State. The game is set in 2051 which falls in line with a recent leak and you can check out the trailer below.

PUBG New State

The trailer shows a familiar battle royale setting with players dropping in to ‘Troi’ which is presumably the name of the map. There are modern weapons and modern vehicles, as well as some gadgets that will enhance gameplay. It carries forward the essence of PUBG Mobile so players will not have any trouble getting used to PUBG New State.

As of now, PUBG Studio has not shared an exact release date for the game but a recent leak suggested that it may launch as early as next week. Additional details can be expected in the coming days.

PUBG New State

Will you be able to play PUBG: New State in India?

It is too early to say anything whether Krafton will release the PUBG New State in India or not. However, considering the Google Play Store listing in India, it is possible the game may have been given a pass. PUBG Mobile, which will soon become an old-generation mobile game, is banned in India. So, it will be interesting to see whether the government gives a nod for the launch of PUBG: New State or whether this upcoming game will meet the same fate as its predecessor.

PUBG New State

PUBG Mobile was banned in India by the government in September 2020 due to Chinese company Tencent’s involvement with the game. Attempts were made by Krafton to bring the game back to the country but nothing seemed to work out. Now, whether or not PUBG New State will release in the country remains to be seen.

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