Realme 125W UltraDart Flash Charging Solution Launched

Realme Dart

The new Realme 125W ultradart flash charging solution will charge a 4000mAh power 5G smartphone in just 33 minutes.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme has launched its 125W UltraDart flash charging solution in India on Thursday. The company has claimed that the new charging technology will charge a 4000mAh power 5G smartphone in just 33 minutes, while the same phone will take about 20 minutes to be 100 percent charged. According to Realme, if the temperature control is removed, the charging time of the phone can be reduced by an average of 13 minutes.

Realme 125W UltraDart

The company said that with the new technology, not only the phone can be charged in 20 minutes, but the phone charging will be quite safe from the moment. Realme is especially capable of keeping the smartphone 40 degrees low. In addition, Realme’s 125W UltraDart flash charging solution provides smart and secure charging speeds to the smartphone. However, Realme did not disclose that the company will present this latest high-speed charging technology with which smartphone. Realme’s new 125W fast charging technology has announced when Oppo introduced fast charging technology in India a day earlier.

Having said this, Oppo has also introduced 125W fast charging technology like Realme in India, which is based on SuperVooc standard. Oppo’s new mobile charging technology takes 20 minutes to charge 4000mAh battery from 41% to 100%. Apart from this, smartphone maker Vivo is also working on fast charging technologies.

Realme 125W UltraDart

Also, the gaming phone iQoo brand has also introduced 120W fast charging technology, which charges 50% of the 4000mAh battery in 5 minutes. Explain that during premium smartphone manufacturing, a larger size has to be managed along with the weight of the phone. In such a situation, companies are now offering fast charging technology.

Realme has been teasing its new charging solution for quite some time now. Its 100W+ fast charger has tipped earlier this month, where the device appeared to provide a power of nearly 120W. While Realme launched the 125W UltraDART Flash Charging solution globally today, the brand didn’t reveal any details on its availability as of yet. Back in February, Realme had introduced its 65W SuperDart fast charging solution in India with the Realme X50 Pro 5G.

Oppo also unveiled its own 125W Flash Charge technology yesterday. It promises to charge a 4,000mAh battery up to 41 percent in just five minutes and achieve a full recharge in 20 minutes.

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