Reliance Jio Launched Jio Pos Lite Community Recharge App Giving A Chance To Earn From Home

JioPOS Lite app

Reliance Jio has launched the Jio POS Lite app for its users. Through this app, you can recharge any Jio number and earn a commission.

Reliance Jio has launched the Jio POS Lite Community Recharge App in view of the difficulties in recharging its users during the lockdown. The special feature of this app is that through this app anyone can become a Jio partner and earn commission through recharge. This app is currently available on the Google Play Store. You can download it from there and become a Jio partner. To become a Jio partner, you must first register yourself. For this, no physical verification is required nor a hard copy of any document is required.Jio Pos Lite

After becoming a Jio partner, you can recharge the Jio number of any user through the Jio POS Lite community app. After recharging each number, you will get a fixed amount as commission. However, if the user wishes, they can also get their number from Jio’s official website and My Jio app, but this app will benefit those users who do not use online banking or any kind of digital wallet.

The JioPOS Lite app offers 4.16 percent commission to Jio Partners for recharging other numbers. It has a passbook feature that allows Jio Partners to see their earnings and check their transactions in the last 20 days. Once you install the app and give it the necessary permissions, JioPOS Lite will ask you to register and become a Jio Partner. You will have to have a Jio number to be eligible to become a Jio Partner. After the registration process is done, the app will ask you to load money into your wallet.

The denominations offered are Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000, and Rs. 2,000. On every Rs. 100 spent via the app, the agent gets Rs. 4.166 extra i.e. 4.16 percent of the recharge amount. JioPOS Lite app can be download for free for Android from Google Play Store. There is no iOS version right now.

This comes soon after Airtel rolled out its ‘Earn from Home’ scheme. It allowed users to become a Superhero via the Airtel app, and then get a 4 percent cash back on every recharge done from the Airtel app. There is a banner inside the Airtel app informing users of the new ‘Earn from Home’ scheme. Clicking on it and enrolling as a Superhero will allow users to start earning 4 percent on every recharge. So, if the recharge is done of Rs. 149, the Airtel Superhero member will only have to pay Rs. 143 to Airtel, while collecting the full amount from the customer. The difference is money earned per transaction.

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