Reliance Jio Recharge Now and Pay Later Offer; Data Loan For Jio Users

jio emergency data
jio emergency data

Reliance Jio Emergency Data Loan Facility Launched, Offers Up to 5GB of High-Speed Internet Access on Pay-Later Basis

Reliance Jio Recharge Now and Pay Later: Reliance Jio often tries different ways to please its customers. If you are also a Jio user then there is good news for you. Actually, the Telco company has introduced a new great service. Using which users can get instant data (Mobile Data) and they can pay for it later. Yes, now prepaid users of Jio can take a data loan from the company after the daily data limit is over. The name of this service is ‘Emergency Data Loan’.

Reliance Jio Data Loan

What is the “Recharge Now and Pay Later” service?

For the first time in the country, any telecom company has started the facility of data-loan. On the lines of “Recharge Now and Pay Later”, the customer will first be able to take a data loan according to his need, and later it will have to be repaid. The essential condition for availing of a data loan is that the customer should have an active plan. The validity of the data-loan pack will remain as long as the existing plan of the users is active. That is, if the customer takes a 5 pack data loan, then its validity will remain as long as the customer’s base plan remains active.

Reliance Jio Data Loan

Users can take data loan up to 5 GB

According to the information, data loans will be available in a 1GB pack. Users will get a data loan pack at the cost of Rs 11 per pack i.e. Rs 11 per GB. Each user can take a total of 5 packs i.e. up to 5 GB data-loan. This is a revolutionary innovative idea for the telecom sector.

The company believes that many customers using prepaid connections are not able to do data top-up immediately after the daily data limit is exhausted due to various reasons, due to which they are not able to get high-speed data on that particular day. are left missing. Keeping in mind the convenience of the customers, now Jio has started giving data-loan in a 1GB pack.

Reliance Jio Data Loan

How to Take Data Loan for Jio

  1. Open the MyJio app and go to ‘Menu’ on the top left side of the page
  2. Select ‘Emergency Data Loan’ under Mobile Services
  3. Click on ‘Emergency Data Loan’ banner
  4. Select the option ‘Get Emergency Data’
  5. Click on ‘Activate Now’ to avail ‘Emergency Data Loan’

Jio has recently expanded its network to almost double its data capacity and speed. With this, Jio users have already started experiencing better network connectivity and high speed.

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