TRAI Channel Selector App Reveals to Manage DTH Subscription


The TRAI Channel Selector app is available for Android and iOS via Google Play and the App Store.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has launched a channel selector application on Thursday. This app will help the customer to subscribe to the TV channel. With the help of the app, customers will be able to choose channels of choice as well as remove unnecessary channels. The channel selector app will be available on both the Google Play store and the Apple iOS Store.

TRAI Channel Selector App Android

As per TRAI’s New Regulation for the Television and Broadcasting Sector having come into force, Consumers have the freedom to select Television (TV) Channels they want to watch. TRAI envisions a scalable model in which Consumers can securely communicate with the platforms managed by Cable Operators. The CSAP application will facilitate customers to choose channels/bouquets of their interest among the offerings by their respective Cable Operators.

This CSAP application will suggest an optimum configuration of bouquets based on channels desired by the subscriber so as to reduce the total monthly bill. The CSAP Application will support customers for current subscriptions from Cable Operators, Provide options of a selection of channels/bouquets, Optimize Channel selection, and Set customer subscriptions of their choices on the particular Operator’s platform.

TRAI Channel Selector iOS App

TRAI said that after issuing a new tariff order for broadcasting service, customers were facing difficulties in selecting TV channels on web portals and distributed platform operations (DPO). In such a situation, the channel selector app is being launched by TRAI, where the information of all TV channel distributors will be available in one place. TRAI said that in the current era, large DTH operators and multi-system operators (MSO / cable operators) are working with the channel selector app. Apart from this, talks are on to add another service provider with the channel selector app.

The regulator said it has developed the TV Channel Selector App to provide reliable, robust, and transparent systems to television subscribers. Subscribers will be authenticated by OTP on their registered mobile number (RMN). In case there is no registered mobile number of a subscriber with DPO, subscribers will get OTP on their TV screen.

How to Manage DTH/Cable Subscription

  • Channel subscribers will be certified through OTP on their registered mobile number (RMN).
  • If the DPO does not have a registered mobile number of the subscriber, he will get an OTP on his TV screen.
  • In this way, the app will help the subscribers to check their subscriptions.
  • In this way, customers will be able to see all the channels and bouquets of their DTH or cable operator and will be able to choose the favorite channel.

What will be the benefit

The channel selector app will allow customers to make changes to existing subscriptions. Also, it will help to check the real-time status of your subscription. Not only this, but TRAI will also provide the best value pack to the users by optimizing the channel in the channel selection app. Meaning Ksmatar will get the best recharge charge.

TRAI Channel Selector App

Another prominent feature of the app is an optimisation of the subscription before it is sent to DTH or cable operator and, therefore, the subscribers can get the best value for money, TRAI said. TRAI had notified the New Regulatory Framework for Broadcasting and Cable services in March 2017. The new framework came into effect on December 29, 2018. TRAI’s new regulations or orders for the television and broadcasting sector were meant to give freedom to consumers to select which television channels they want to watch.

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