Vodafone All Rounder Packs Do Exactly What the Name Suggests: Check Details

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Vodafone All Rounder Packs Do Exactly What the Name Suggests

Vodafone subscribers, you might have heard about data packs, talk time packs, and unlimited packs while you decided to recharge your Vodafone number. However, chances are less that you might have heard about something known as ‘All-Rounder Packs’ and even if you have heard about them, the name is intriguing enough to incite curiosity about what these packs actually do.

The simple answer lies in the name itself. The aim of All-Rounder Packs for Vodafone subscribers is to ship everything that a prepaid customer might need which includes data, calling benefits and talk time. Unlike unlimited recharges which come with a daily data limit, unlimited voice benefits and most importantly a costly price tag, the All Rounder packs are a comparatively cheaper price tag. So, here are the details about the Vodafone All Rounder Packs which could help you extend your validity, and get data and calling benefits on your number.

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All Rounder Packs Explained

Firstly, it is worth noting that All Rounder Packs are an affordable offering which does not go beyond Rs 300 per recharge. This means that the recharges are more suitable for people who would like to extend their validity by a certain number of days, without spending a lot and in the process also getting some reasonable data and calling benefits. There is the All Rounder Packs that the Vodafone subscribers can find in the portfolio for recharging their accounts.

Vodafone All Rounder Packs Under Rs 50

The first Vodafone All Rounder Pack, which is also the cheapest in the lot is the Rs 15 plan. Being a very affordable offering, the plan offers no data benefit, and it ships 30p / Min – All Local, National & Roaming for 3 days. The validity of this plan is also 3 days.

The second plan in the BSNL All Rounder roster is the Rs 29 prepaid plan which offers 30p / Min – All Local, National & Roaming for 7-day. As you can see, the benefit in this plan is the same as the previous plan, but the validity of this plan is for 7 days.

Next up we have the Rs 35 and Rs 39 All-Rounder Packs which offer data benefit along with other benefits. Firstly, the Rs 35 All-Rounder Pack offers Rs 26 talk time and 100MB data. If you recall, this plan is similar to the minimum recharge plan which Bharti Airtel offers under the Smart Recharge banner. This plan comes with 28 days validity, and it is the applicable recharge for Plan voucher 24. Further, the Rs 39 prepaid plan by Vodafone offers Rs 30 talk time and 100MB data.

There is also the Rs 45 prepaid plan under this tag which offers Rs 45 Talktime, 100MB Data & 1p/sec Local, STD, Roaming Calls, Talktime & Service Validity for 28 days.

Vodafone All Rounder Packs Under Rs 100

Under the Rs 100 price tag, Vodafone offers the Rs 65, Rs 69 and the Rs 95 All-Rounder Pack. First in the list is the Rs 65 prepaid plan which offers Local, STD Calls at 60p/min along with Rs 55 Talktime and 200MB Data. The Rs 69 prepaid plan offers 150 Local STD Mins with 250MB Data and 100 SMS. Lastly, there is the Rs 95 All-Rounder Pack which ships Local or STD Calls at 60p/min with Rs 95 Talktime along with 500MB Data with 28 days validity.

Vodafone All Rounder Packs Above Rs 100 Price Mark

Vodafone has two All Rounder Packs in this category which includes the Rs 145, and the Rs 245 packs. The first Rs 145 prepaid plan offers Local, STD Calls at 30p/min with full Rs 145 Talk time and 1GB Data with 42 days validity. The Rs 245 prepaid plan offers Local, STD Calls at 30p/min with full Rs 245 Talktime and 2GB Data with 84 days validity.

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