Watch Party Feature Launched in Amazon Prime Video For Group Streaming

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Watch Party will feature an inbuilt chatting feature with the help of which users will be able to interact with each other while watching the film.

Amazon has introduced the new Watch Party feature for group streaming. This feature allows Prime Video users to remotely watch TV shows and movies with friends and family. Meaning that you will be able to sit in Delhi with a friend of Mumbai and watch movies together in a virtual way. Simply put, we will be able to share the screen. Amazon Watch-Party will feature an inbuilt chatting feature, with the help of which users will be able to interact with each other while watching the film. It also supports chat feature emoji. However, at present, this facility will be for American users only. But it will be launched in India soon. This feature will be similar to Netflix Party.

Amazon Watch Party

Amazon rolled out this feature in the US in June, which is available on almost all desktop browsers except Apple Safari. However, for now, Amazon Watch Paty will have to wait on smart TVs, game consoles, mobile phones, and tablets. During the lockdown, there has been an increase in hosting virtual watch parties on Netflix and Youtube.

After this, the Watch Party feature has been introduced by Amazon. Amazon Prime must be a subscription to use the Amazon Watch Party feature. If your friend does not have an Amazon Prime subscription, then a 30-day free trial subscription is being offered by the company.

How to Stream Videos for Friends

People with whom you want to watch a movie at this new feature of Amazon Prime Video, have to log in to the Prime account on the desktop browser. After this, the film you want to see will have to be selected. Once you have selected a movie or TV show, you have to click on the Watch Party icon below the title. After this, a popup box of the Lets Start Watch Party will appear.

Amazon Watch Party

After this, the name appearing in the chatting box has to be typed. You can host the party by tapping on Create Watch Party and you can invite friends to the party. After this, the personalized link can be shared. After this, you can start the party. The host will be able to play and pause the party. In Netflix, everyone has the option to control the screen.

There is no word from Amazon on the Watch Party feature rollout outside of the US. However, the company is likely to bring it to other regions and support it on more devices in the future. While Netflix Party extension has been around for a while now, it would be great if the streaming service could build it inside its platform as well.

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