WhatsApp New Feature To Allow 4 Smartphones Simultaneously


With the help of WhatsApp new feature, users will be able to use Whatsapp in 4 smartphones simultaneously. This feature will be very easy to use.

Instant messaging app Whatsapp is introducing new features in the coming days so that users can get a better chatting experience. In the past, animated stickers were launched. Which is available on both iOS and Android platforms. At the same time, there is a discussion that the company is going to bring a feature soon with the help of which Whatsapp can be used in multiple devices. This feature will be completely different from the WhatsApp web. At the same time, a report has revealed that the company has started working on this feature and it can be launched in the market soon.


An online report has revealed that the v2.20.196.8 beta version will be rolled out for Whats-App. In this version, users will be able to access the Whats-App account in multiple devices simultaneously. Along with this, a screenshot has also been shared and an option of ‘Linked Devices’ has been given in it. This is an upcoming feature and in this, users will be able to use the same number in 4 phones simultaneously.

Talking about ‘Linked Devices’, users will be able to log in to the same number in four different devices simultaneously. The special thing is that for this you do not need to logout the account from your primary device. According to the report, at present, the company will roll out this feature for the iOS platform. But soon it can also be made available on the Android platform.

By the way, the Whats-App Web feature is usually available for multiple devices on WhatsApp. But this feature is used by users to connect their smartphone to the desktop. In this, you can use WhatsApp on smartphones and desktop at the same time. Whereas in the upcoming feature, you do not need to logout from anyone to use multiple devices simultaneously.


The new ‘Linked Devices’ feature should also sync data across devices for seamless accessibility. This new Linked Devices section will help the user to add a new device and, like the current WhatsApp Web/Desktop section, it reports all linked devices to your WhatsApp account. This feature is currently under development and cannot be seen even when you’ve installed the latest beta.

Furthermore, WhatsApp v2.20.196.8 beta for Android also reportedly reveals UI improvements for the work-in-progress advanced search mode. WABetaInfo has shared a screenshot that shows how this feature may work, allowing users to narrow down their search to photos, videos, links, GIFs, audio, and even documents. This feature was recently spotted in April in WhatsApp v2.20.117 beta for Android. This feature is also still under development and may not be seen even if you’re on the latest beta version.

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