YouTube Hits 10 Billion Download Mark On Google Playstore

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Google’s streaming app YouTube has been downloaded about 10 billion i.e. 1000 crore times from the Google Play store, which is about 217 crore more than the total population of the world.

We will be familiar with Google. Also, everyone knows about Google Owned Streaming App Youtube. But do you know that YouTube has been downloaded more times than the total population in the world? This figure is the data of YouTube downloaded from the Google Play Store. If this figure is included in the figures of iOS and other platforms, then the figure for YouTube downloading will be much higher.


YouTube Crosses 10 Billion Download

According to the report, Google’s streaming app YouTube has been downloaded about 10 billion i.e. 1000 crore times from the Google Play store, which is about 217 crores more than the total population of the world. Let us tell you that at present the total population of the world is about 7.88 billion (788 crores).


Given that the app comes pre-installed on almost all devices, it is marginally bolstered and could even include some activations from back before the Play Store even existed. The company recently rolled out a new tool — “Super Thanks” — that will let users tip their favorite creators on the platform. This new feature gives the creators yet another way to earn money while also allowing them to strengthen their relationships with the viewers.

Fans watching YouTube videos can now purchase Super Thanks to express their gratitude and show support to the content creators. They will see an animated GIF and, as a bonus, get a distinct, colorful comment to highlight their purchase, which the creators can respond to.


Top 5 Downloading Apps in Google PlayStre

Talking about the world’s top-5 downloading app, the name of YouTube comes first in this. After this, the social media platform Facebook was in second place. Facebook has been downloaded about 7 billion i.e. 700 million times on the Play Store. Whereas Facebook-owned WhatsApp ranked third with a total of 6 billion i.e. 600 crore downloads. Facebook’s other product Facebook Messenger has got 5 billion i.e. 500 million downloads. With this, the total downloading of Facebook and Instagram in the fifth place was about 300 million billion.

YouTube usage increased in lockdown

According to an online report, there has been a sharp increase in the use of YouTube due to increasing internet speed and decreasing the cost of data across the world including India. This is the reason why YouTube’s downloads are registering a huge increase in the last decade. There has been an increase in the number of YouTube Vlog creations during the lockdown.

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